Repair and maintenance offer for LANCOM devices - after expiry of the warranty period

As a long-term maintenance partner for LANCOM, aixtema GmbH also offers you to repair devices after expiry of the warranty period.

Our service includes:

  • repair of defective devices (malfunction, water damage, force majeure)
  • diagnosis of damage resulting from overvoltage for insurance claims
  • hardware updates to newest modification level
  • optical and mechanical overhaul of damaged or unsightly parts of the device's chassis
  • BFWA (Broadband Fixed Wireless Access) upgrades of outdated access point.

Should a device turn out to be irreparable, you will automatically receive a cost estimate for an exchange of the defective device for an inspected service device.

Device inspection and the issuing of a repair cost estimate are charged at 29 euros including VAT (lump sum). If a return shipment is requested, additional shipping costs of at least 7 euros including VAT will incur (depending on destination). This lump sum is also payable in case the device turns out to be fully functional so that no repair service is required.

Devices are sent to and dealt with directly by aixtema GmbH. You will receive a cost estimate promptly, including detailed information about the necessary repair work and further proceedings.

Please fill in the following form. You will then receive an email with the RMA documents you need to send in with the device. A detailed description of the malfunction is always helpful.

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